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Name: Laszlo Marie Badet

Profession: Chef and model

Where you live: Paris, France


Q. Where did you sleep last night?

A. In my apartment in the 11th arrondissement in Paris. I have a room all painted white and beautiful blue sheets from SUTRAM STUDIO. In each of my arms I have my cat and my boyfriend.


Q. Are you a morning or evening person? What is your routine?

A. I am a morning person as well as an evening person... I love to sleep, but I don't allow myself much time to rest. With my different activities it is sometimes complicated to juggle everything. Fortunately the place where we live is very good for me. I don't have a specific routine, but a friend of me offered me a spray lotion SANTA MARIA NOVELLA. Now, it is my favourite thing to use before I go to sleep and before I get up. 


Q. What are your bed time non-negotiables? 

A. Falling asleep in my boyfriend's arms is what calms me down the most. Never go to sleep angry with your partner. My great-grandmother has been telling me this since I was a little girl.



Q. What city do you prefer to wake up in?

A. In Paris, at home!


Q. In your refridgerator, what will you always find?

A. A big piece of Swiss cheese, butter with fleur de sel, coffee, fruits... But also a collection of pickles and jam that I cook all year long. Yesterday, I was so happy to open a marmelade of figs that I made on vacation in Italy four years ago. It was still as good as ever.


Q. What is your favourite part of your house?

A. I love my little pantry next to my kitchen. It's a space where I feel comfortable and can imagine creating many things. All of my work is on display like in an office. This space reminds me of a country house. 


Q. What is currently on your bedside table?

A. An ink painting I did for my boyfriend. I painted a souvenir with the emotions we had during our first walk in the forest.

I have a mobile with two silver hearts entwined together that I received from my dad. I think it's a souvenir he brought back from MOMA in NY years ago.

I also have a beautiful wooden apple that my partner's grandparents gave me for Christmas last year.


Q. What is one pleasure you would never do without?

A. When I'm a little hungry, a fresh red apple with a piece of Swiss cheese... Any time of the day :) It reminds me of my childhood in Switzerland.


Q. What books are you currently reading?

A. Cookbooks... Unfortunately I don't have much time for myself at the moment, but I do read a lot of cookery books that inspire me in my work. I love to find old books with old photos or recipes in flea markets.


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